Continuous Cylinders


Trislot® continuous cylinders are direct manufactured products, made in the same way as slot tubes. By using a lot of support profiles, axial slots are obtained

For every different slot opening a new tooling is necessary. So continuous cylinders are only interesting for large quantities. For lower quantities a cylinder is more cost effective.

Normally continuous cylinders are made for FITO and have triangular or round surface profiles.

Standard constructions of continuous cylinders (special constructions are possible on request)

The construction of a continuous cylinder is described as follows:

surface wire / support wire - pitch of surface wire
Example: 18S/12S - 11
This means that the axial profile wire is 12S. The support wire wrapped around the profiles wires is a 18 S. The pitch of the wrapping of the 18S wire is 11 mm.

Please note that for continuous cylinders the surface profiles are in the length (axial) while the support profile is wrapped around the surface profiles.

Standard constructions of continuous cylinders

Surface profilesSupport profilesDiam. in mmSlot width in mm
ø 1ø 1260,075
ø 1ø 1260,100
ø 1ø 1260,500
ø 1ø 1263
ø 118S480,100
ø 118S480,500

Because for a continuous cylinder the slot width is determined by the distance between the support wires, the slot width is fixed for a certain tooling.