Flat Welded Screens


» Construction Drawing

Flat Welded Screens are structures where the surface profiles are welded at each intersection at 90° angles onto support profiles.

Trislot® Advantages
In contrast to flat screens (produced by opening and flattening a slot tube), Trislot® Flat welded screens are manufactured on dedicated welding machines. This results in the following advantages:
  • flatness to within tight tolerances
  • no weakening of the welds, because of flattening (and no stress corrosion problems as a result)
  • accurate distance between support profiles
  • possibility of different support wires in one screen
  • possibility of variable spacing between support wires in one screen
Trislot offers standard Flat Welded Screens in a large variety of surface and support wire combinations, that can be applied for simple screen plates to heavily reinforced reactor internals. The Trislot design team can also design screens tailored to your specific requirement.

Manufacturing method for Flat Screen

Trislot® manufacturing method for Flat Welded Screen

Standard constructions of flat welded screens

Flat Welded Screens with dimensions other than those given below are available on request.

The designation for a Flat Welded Screen is for instance: 22S/Q35 - 70

22S = surface wire
Q35 = support wire
70 = distance between support wires in mm

Profile combinations

Surface profilesSupport profilesMin. Slot in mmStandard pitch in mm (*)

(*) in most cases all pitches are possible
pitch = distance between support profiles


  • For pitch 22 mm:
    • Max. surface profile length: 710 mm
    • Max. support profile length: 1700 mm
  • For pitch 70 mm:
    • Max. surface profile length: 2000 mm
    • Max. support profile length: 2000 mm
  • For other pitches:
    • Max. surface profile length: 3000 mm
    • Max. support profile length: 3500 mm

Special executions

Support profile form and pitches

Trislot® unique production equipment allows special constructions of Flat Welded Screens with:

  • different support wires in one screen and/or
  • variable spacing between support wires in one screen
» Example of a cylinder made from a Flat Welded Screen with different support wire pitch.

Curved Screen

Trislot can bend a Flat Welded Screen to form a Curved Screen to fit your application. Tilting of the surface profile determines the filtration direction.


  • Standard finish:
    • cutting of width and length of Flat Welded Screen
  • Optional finish:
    • deburring
    • degreasing and pickling
    • post-machining for tighter tolerances
» Example of a Flat Welded Screen cut into a round form

Frames and Reinforcements

Flat Welded Frames can be welded onto frames or be reinforced by Trislot. This is available on request.

Final products manufactured with flat welded screens