Looped Screens


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Trislot® manufactures light and precise looped screens. Trislot welded screens have made the manufacture of heavy looped screens unnecessary.

The profile wires (surface wires) are die struck out of round wire and then affixed to round support wires that go through loops in the surface wires. Close control on the die striking and loop forming allow very narrow tolerances on the slots.

Trislot looped screens are mainly used as curved screen e.g. as sieve bends in the starch industry. The dewatering and separating performance of these screens may be improved through special surface treatments like polishing.

Polishing can also be done with already used screens.

Standard constructions of looped screens

ProfileProfile drawingMin. Slot in µPitch cross wirePitch cross wire
10A5025 mmAISI 316

Typical construction or application