Sintered Laminates


Trislot® sintered laminates are high strength porous materials. They are made from stainless steel and other alloys. Several layers of woven wire mesh are permanently bonded together by a unique diffusion bonding (sintering) technique. Therefore Trislot® SL sintered laminates are a non migrating material with a controlled pore size and high permeability.

A careful section and orientation of the various mesh layers results in optimal strength with a minimum of ‘shading’ of the pores of the adjacent layers. This provides high flow rates at lower pressure drops.

Trislot® Advantages
  • high mechanical strength and stability
  • no media migration
  • accurate filter ratings
  • high permeability
  • easy to clean
  • easy to transform into finished elements and complicated shapes


  • Filtration:
  • Fluidization:
    • aerators
    • air slides
    • fluidized beds
  • Other applications:
    • foaming: air diffuser
    • explosion prevention: flame arrestors, flashing prevention


Depending on the application, Trislot® SL is available in a three layer or a five layer construction. For fluidizing applications the three layer construction is the best. It is available in many different permeabilities. In some applications two layer construction may be used.

For filter applications the five layer material is preferred. It is available in filter ratings from .3 up to 200 micron. The standard material is 316 or 316L stainless steel. Special alloys (hastelloy, monel, etc... ) are available at request.

Trislot® SL is manufactured in flat sheets. Trislot will design and manufacture a final product that is suitable for your application. Our engineering department will help you in the selection of the right type of material. Our extensive experience in working with this material will give you a very high quality product.

Standard media

Trislot® SL for filtration
Type *Nominal rating *
Absolute rating

* These are standard available. Other types only for large quantities.