Support Tubes


support tube with round wire (1 spiral) surface profile

» Construction Drawing

If the slot tubes are used as a carrier for another filter medium for example textile. The surface profile can be:

  • reversed triangular
  • round
  • diamond shaped

In case of round wire the support tubes can be welded with 1, 2 or 3 wires next to each other.

Trislot® Advantages
Compared with conventional support elements ( such as perforated tubes, wire mesh, ....) Trislot® support elements have following advantages:
  • a smaller contact between the support tube and the filter media there is more active filter area, which creates a larger active filter media and a smaller pressure drop. Thorough cleaning by back flushing possible.
  • a strong mechanical construction
  • large open area
  • easy to clean (back flushing)

Standard constructions of support tubes (special geometries on request)

The construction of a support tube is described as follows:

surface wire / support wire x number of support wires.
Example: 0,8/2 x 18
This means that the profile wire is Ø 0.8. The support wire is Ø 2 and there are 18 support wires, equally spaced over 360°.

Standard constructions of support tubes

Surface profilesSupport profilesNumber of support profilesSupport tube diameter in mm
Ø 0.8Ø 2614
Ø 0.8Ø 2620
Ø 0.8Ø 21824
Ø 0.8Ø 2628
R 11SQ20629
Ø 0.8Ø 22445
R 11SQ251045
R 18S18S1257