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What sets us apart

35 years of experience
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Excellence in customer service - Leader in technology

Trislot is an established name in the filtration industry, well known for its excellence in customer service and its leadership in technology. Serving customers worldwide, Trislot’s focus is on providing specialized filter elements and reactor internals to key players in various industries.

In-house development of leading-edge production technology, innovative designs from our engineering staff and close cooperation with our loyal customer base are the main ingredients for the success and continued growth of our company. Through this continuous development, Trislot is able to set new standards in high quality filtration and separation products.
Trislot’s investments in delivering quality products and services are certified by ISO9001. Through a flexible network of qualified agents and partners, and manufacturing plants in Belgium, China and USA, Trislot has accomplished a leading position in the international market.

Customer testimonials

‘We have been using your strainer more than 1.5 years with great satisfaction. Previously our stainless steel punched hole design failed at 13 to 14 months and the fractured parts would flow down stream and hit our titanium plate and frame exchanger causing cracks to them and also to those with Restriction orifice . We previously took one out every 6 months to do physical cleaning via hydrojetting . Now due to the wedge shape design which gives better filtration , we extend frequency to a year . The time to backflush has also been extended to double in view of better cleaning design of the wedge shape compared to previous punched hole design . This reduces vibration to the GRP line and components during back flushing and extend failure time . We estimated life at least ten years now and we are very pleased with the 12 units we purchased. This has solved the problem which has plagued us for 18 years until we came across your design . Well done Trislot.’

From Lee Choon Kwang
ExxonMobil Mechanical Specialist

‘After several meetings to discuss our wishes and demands regarding the development of a new type of centrifugal ‘wedgewire sieve´ we came to a satisfied solution with Trislot. During the production period of the sieve, we were properly informed by Trislot about the development and production progress. Since last year October the sieve is in operation in one of our centrifugals and until now it’s working flawless. On both sides technically and technologically, the sieve does what it should do, namely, a proper separation of liquid from solid material with the by us specified capacity, without any additionally issues such as vibration or overloading the centrifugal. Therefore we are very content with the sieve and the company Trislot.’

The largest Dutch sugar manufacturing company

Fluid Quip Mechanical made the decision to partner with Trislot USA after extensive field testing of their products in the Biofuels industry. We have found Trislot USA products to be equal to, or better in performance, with superior quality, and at a competitive price point. Fluid Quip Mechanical prides itself on delivering the highest quality parts and service to our customers, so we demand this level of quality from all of our Vendors. Trislot USA continues to exceed our expectations and has proven to be a very competent partner.

From Daniel Groh
Fluid Quip Mechanical

‘Trislot has been a trusted partner to us for many years. We have worked together on multiple projects that vary from small standard supplies to large projects with complex specifications. They deliver filter internals of the highest quality available on the market, and their technical as well as their commercial support is phenomenal. It’s always a pleasure to work with a team that has so much product knowledge and that is willing to work with us to find the best possible solution.’

From Asafe Ribeiro de Morais
Siemens Energy, Inc.