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wedge wire cone
Conical basket


Conical shaped baskets are manufactured out of one or more flat screens that are rolled and welded together. The slot direction is conventionally axial and the filtration direction FITO, however FOTI and radial slot is also possible depending on the requirement of the customer.

Conical baskets can be equipped with flanges, reinforcements or special fittings.


  • Stronger construction than etched or laser cut filter media, without the need for support screens
  • Special taller and finer profiles are used, having the following advantages :
    • Higher strength
    • Larger open area compared to lower/wider profiles
    • Wear on the surface has less influence on slot width
  • Flexibility in design
  • Trislot can offer balancing


Centrifuge basket for dewatering of granular material:

Static conical basket used for separation without centrifugal forces