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slot tube
Radial internal wire - FITO

Radial internal wire

For these types of slot tubes, the support wires are on the outside in an axial direction and the profile wire runs radially on the inside of the tube. The flat side of the triangular profile wire is oriented to the inside of the tube, which is why this element is FITO (= flow in to out).


The designation of a slot tube with radial internal wire describes its construction as follows:

Surface wire / Support wire  –  distance between the support wires (center to center) also called the pitch

               Example: 12S/Q25 – 10

This means that the profile wire is 12S. The support wire is Q25 and the pitch, space from center to center of the support wires, is 10 mm.

This type of filter tube is made starting from a slot tube with radial external wire that is cut open in the longitudinal direction.  Upon flattening the tube, it is then rolled ‘inside out’ so the support wires are now on the outside of the tube. The support rods are welded together on the outside which results in a welding seam.

When a scraper blade is used, it is required that the supports are on the outside. Slot tubes with a radial internal wire is an excellent solution for this.

The minimum diameter is 100 mm depending on profile, length and material. Maximum diameter is unlimited.

Just like slot tubes with radial external wire, end pieces can be welded to the tubes.