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wedge wire screen

Flat screens

Trislot flat screens are flat filter surfaces that can be manufactured in two different ways.

  1. Welded screens: directly made on the flat welding machine
  2. Flattened slot tube: manufactured by opening and flattening a slot tube with radial external wire

Welded screen

Trislot welded screens are produced directly on a machine by welding surface profiles onto support profiles at each intersection at 90° angles.

Advantages of manufacturing directly on a machine:

  • Enhanced profile wire flatness: no profile wire waviness between support wires
  • Avoids the weakening of the welds and the chance of stress corrosion that can result when producing from a slot tube
  • Accurate distance between support profiles
  • Possibility of different support wires in one screen
  • Flexibility to have variable spacing between support wires in one screen

Flattened slot tube

Depending on the required specifications, we can also opt to produce from a slot tube. Subsequently the tube is split open, flattened and cut to the required size.


The designation for a flat screen is as follows:

Surface wire / Support wire  –  distance between the support wires (center to center) also called the pitch
Example: 22S/10×3 – 70

This means that the profile wire is 22S. The support wire is 10×3 and the pitch, space from center to center of the support wire, is 70 mm.

Standard constructions (1)

Profile Support wires Min.slot Standard pitch (P)
in mm. in mm. (2)
11S Q25 0.03 17/22
12S Q25/Q35 0.03 17/22
10X3 0.1 17/25
18S Q35 0.05 17/25
Q35/10X3/25X3 0.1 25/70
22S Q35 0.05 17/25
Q35/10X3 till 50X3 0.12 25/70
28S Q35/10X3 till 50X3 0.15 17/25/70
34S Q35/10X3 till 50X3 0.15 17/25/70
42S Q35/10X3 till 50X3 0.15 17/25/70
50S 10X3 till 50X3 0.15 70

(1) Special executions are possible on request
(2) In most cases, all pitches are possible

Standard tolerances:

Length and width <= 500 mm +/- 2 mm
Length and width > 500 mm <= 1500 mm +/- 3 mm
Length and width > 1500 mm +/- 4 mm

Maximum dimensions

Max. surface profile length Max. support profile length
Pitch 17mm / Profile Q25 1300 mm 2000 mm
Pitch 17-25mm / Profile Q35 2700 mm 3000 mm
Pitch 22mm 710 mm 1650 mm
Pitch ≥ 70mm 3000 mm (3) 3400 mm

(3) Depending on pitch

Standard finish for flat screens

  • Flattening
  • Cutting width and length
    to fit the required size.

Optional finish for flat screens

  • Deburring
  • Degreasing and pickling
  • Post-machining for tighter tolerances
Flat screens can be provided with the necessary frame and/or reinforcements.
bead mill screen
Screens can be cut to all sorts of shapes according to the customers requirements. The most common shapes are a filter disc or filter segments to assemble a filter bottom or support grid.
lauter tun bottom