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1. Filter cycle: during the filter cycle, the solids are deposited on the smooth surface. This ‘cake’ acts as an extra filter for finer particles. The fines that slip through do not become lodged in the conical slots. 2. Backwash cycle: by reversing the flow, the cake and dirt are removed from the filter surface.


Wedge wire is a welded stainless steel construction mainly used for filtration, separation and retention of media. It is made of surface profiles, usually V-shaped, that are resistance welded onto support profiles.

The distance between the surface profiles is controlled very accurately and forms the slot opening  through which the filtrate flows.


The direction of the filtering flow is determined by the position of the surface profiles in relation to the support profiles. Wedge wire tubes are either flow out to in (FOTI) or flow in to out (FITO).

Wedge wire advantages

  • Non-clogging: the continuous slot formed by the V-shaped surface wires ensures a two-point contact between the particles and the slot, which minimizes clogging
  • High-precision slot sizes
  • Surface filtration: the V-shaped wires allow easy cleaning by mechanical scraping or back flushing
  • Longer life time
  • Low pressure drop
  • Strong construction: for most applications, the wedge wire screens are self-supporting
  • Engineered to high standards

Product overview

Almost all shapes and sizes can be developed according to the customer’s requirements, starting from two basic forms:

  • Slot tubes – radial external wire
  • Flat screens


slot tube
Radial external wire - FOTI
slot tube
Radial external wire - FITO
slot tube
Radial internal wire - FITO
wedge wire cylinder
Axial internal wire - FITO
wedge wire continuous cylinder
Axial internal wire – continuous support - FITO
wedge wire sceen
Flat screen
Curved screen
wedge wire cone
Conical basket

Profile overview

Surface profiles

Name Width Height
Ø 0.8 0.8 Round wire for support tubes More info
Ø 1 1 Round wire for support tubes More info
Ø 2 2 Round wire for support tubes More info
4S 0.45 1.2 Special wire for fine slots More info
5S 0.5 1.25 Special wire for fine slots More info
6SC 0.6 1.4 Special wire for small slots More info
10S 0.75 1.425 More info
11S 0.75 1.80 More info
12S 1 2 More info
12SL 1 2 Diamond-shaped wire for support tubes More info
15S 1.2 2.5 More info
18S 1.5 2.5 More info
18SC 1.5 2.8 Triangular profile with wear head More info
22S 1.8 3.7 More info
28S 2.2 4.5 More info
28SC 2.2 4.5 Triangular profile with wear head More info
28ST 2.28 3.55 More info
34S 2.8 5.5 More info
42S 3.4 6.8 More info
40A 3 6 More info
50S 3.4 7.5 More info
50SC 3.4 7.5 Triangular profile with wear head More info

Support profiles

Name Width Height
Q22 2 2.3 More info
Q25 2 3 More info
Q35 3 5 More info
Q53 5 3 for flexible screens More info
D45 3,8 5,6 tear drop shaped More info
D56 5 6,5 tear-drop shaped; only for continuous cylinders More info
10x3 3 10 More info
11X5 5 11 More info
12X3 3 12 More info
15X3 3 15 More info
25X3 3 25 More info
35x3 3 35 More info
38x3 3 38 More info
50X3 3 50 More info


Trislot specializes in many different stainless steel alloys:

AISI DIN UNS Trade name
3.7035 Titanium GR II
430 1.4016 S43000
304 1.4301 S30400
321 1.4541 S32100
347 1.4550 S34700
316L 1.4404 S31603
316Ti 1.4571
1.4539 N08904 Uranus B6
2.4360 N04400 Monel 400
2.4819 N10276 Hastelloy C276
1.4462 S31803 Uranus 45N Duplex
Super duplex
1.4547 254 SMO
Impact + (wear resistant material)