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The production of starch is a wet process. Whenever solids need to be separated from liquids, Trislot® wedge wire screens can be used. We are happy to present our products for the starch industry.

120° pressure screen

120° pressure screen


wedge wire flat panel

The welded screen  consists of V- shaped surface profiles resistance welded onto support profiles

Trislot Advantages

  • Reversibility = double lifetime. In this specific application the wear is concentrated on the top of the screen. Trislot® offers the possibility of reversible screens. If the wear on one side becomes too extensive, you simply turn the screen upside down.
  • Slot precision. This is one of the most important characteristics of the Trislot® screen as it determines the dimensions of the fibers passing through. Trislot guarantees a superb slot precision .
wedge wire cone

Conical baskets

Electroformed nickel sheets are often used in fiber/starch extraction; however, they break easily. Trislot offers a perfect alternative to these sheets

Trislot advantages

  • Higher filter efficiency
  • Mechanical stability compared to electroformed sheets
  • Longer lifetime
  • Better cleanability


These screens are an alternative to pressure screens for fiber washing, fiber dewatering and germ washing applications. They are also known as ICM or paddle screens.

Throughout the years, Trislot has acquired a reputable experience in designing and engineering  screens for this specific application.

steep tank tube

Slot tubes for steeping tanks

Wedge wire slot tubes have the advantage of non-clogging and high throughput all in one. This is ideal for steeping tanks.

Technical details

  • Construction : radial external wire
  • Slot : 2-3 mm
  • Diameter : 268 mm and above

gravity screens

Gravity screens

Curved screens for waste water treatment and germ washing