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In fish farming it all comes down to keeping the balance. Trislot can help you to keep the perfect balance in clean water.

coanda screen

Sieve bends

Land based aquaculture needs constant monitoring and filtering of the tank water. Curved wedge wire screens filter out feces and other contaminants that might unbalance the water composition. It is a preferred filter medium because of its low cost and ease of installation.

Technical details

  • Slot size : 0.07 mm and above
  • Open area : 8.5% and above
  • Corrosion resistant material

Slot tubes

Slot tubes are being used to filter water for culturing live fish feed like artemia or krill or to prevent loss of bio-media (bacteria) that is needed to purify the contaminated flow.

Both flow directions (Flow Out To In and In To Out) are possible.

Rotary drum

To filter all organic content out of a tank, a self-cleaning system equipped with wedge wire cylinders can be used. The construction is axial internal wire, the normal flow is from in to out (FITO) and the cleaning is carried out by a spray system from the outside.

wedge wire filter cartridges for self cleaning systems

Elements for automatic filter systems

Automatic filter systems ensure  continuous cleaning of the seawater in the tank during transportation of live fish. Trislot supplies  wedge wire elements for these systems

Technical details

wedge wire screen

Degasser screens

As the tank water is constantly being circulated, there is a build-up of CO2. Trislot ®wedge wire screens can be used to release the CO2 from the water and add new oxygen. The water needs to flow at the right amount of time over the screen to allow the release CO2. This can be obtained by adapting the open area.