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Impurities in coolant fluid in industrial applications can lead to inferior products or even production loss. That is why filtration of the coolant is so important.

Slot tubes

The elements are mainly used in high-production metalworking  to obtain extremely clean liquid clarity in low to high-viscosity oils.  Main applications are: grinding, lapping, honing, polishing,…

Technical details

wedge wire flat panel

Wedge wire screens

In high volume metal working, coolant recuperation is essential. Flat screens are used in paper belt filters to support the paper belt that is the filter medium and that slides over the screen.  Trislot makes the screens directly as a flat shape. This results in superb flatness.

Technical details

  • Typical slot : 0.25 mm and above
  • Open area : 12% and above
  • Material : 304, 316L, …