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nutsche filter

Nutsche filters are mostly equipped with bottoms in sintered laminates. In the pharmaceutical industry a different filter bottom  needs to be used for each different batch of product, this results in high costs. Wedge wire offers perfect cleanability compared to sintered mesh.

The same filter bottom can be used for different batches. Trislot has the know how and the capabilities required to manufacture these high precision elements.

Technical details

  • Slot size : 0.02 mm and above
  • Open area : 1.96 % and above
  • Filter bottom welded onto support screen
  • Material : 316L, Hastelloy, Uranus B6, …
  • Diameter : Up to 3000 mm
  • Additional drainage structure is possible
  • Slot direction can be either in one direction (rectangular segments) or radial (in pie shaped segments)


  • Perfect cleanability
  • Strong construction
  • Long service life => lower total cost of ownership